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volkswagen buyers MelbourneTo whom do I Sell My Volkswagen? Sell Your Volkswagen for Instant Cash!

Are you looking to sell your Volkswagen? Is your Volkswagen in the garage gathering dust as you wonder who would want to buy it? We at Sell Your Car Melbourne are the people you should approach. We have been in the used car buying the business for a long time making us experts due to the accumulated experience. Besides, our long list of clients always makes referrals giving us quite a great a reputation. Our quick services such as an online Volkswagen valuation and fast cash payments attract more clients and makes them loyal.

Prices you might fetch with your make and model

As used Volkswagen buyers, we offer different rates for a variety of models and makes, also depending on many factors. Recent models such as the 2013 Volkswagen Golf can sell for around $13,000 in consideration of the car’s condition, size, and mileage. A 2010 Volkswagen Tiguan can go for a higher price of $14,500 if it is in excellent condition despite high mileage. Older models such as the 2006 Volkswagen Gold and 2008 Volkswagen Polo Pacific will go for a lower price especially if the car does not have an impressive service history, spare key or is full of dents and peeling paint.

Do you know the history of Volkswagen?

In 1937, a new automobile parastatal came to existence under the name Volkswagenwerk, a loose translation of “The People’s Car”. It was supposed to provide transportation to the public and give them joy. It sold a few cars before World War II started then production stopped. Its small size and strange round shape were not attractive to the US market, but once it was dubbed the “Beetle”, it became the top-selling import in the automobile industry in the US. By 1970s, it surpassed Ford Model T, and later it acquired Lamborghini, Bentley, and Bugatti. It also has Porsche and Audi under its ownership. Now it’s all over the world and exists in great number here in Australia.

If you are planning to upgrade or just want to get quick cash for your used Volkswagen then ring Sell Your Car in Melbourne at 04 9587 4127.

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