How to Improve Your Car’s Value?

How to Improve Your Car’s Value?

Unfortunately, cars are the only assets whose value decrease over the years. The moment you take your car of the lot, its value begins to drop. And while most people think that fuelling a car is the hardest part of owning a car, depreciation is. Although the rate of depreciation varies between makes and models, the average depreciation rates of vehicles sit at 15% annually.

Sadly, you cannot avoid it. It is a fact that all car owners need to live with. However, there are things you can do to increase your car valuation Melbourne so that when the time for selling comes, you sell your car at a higher price. Find out how you can improve your car’s value by reading this guide.

Practice Proper Maintenance

One of the things that make your vehicles lose their value fast is lack of proper maintenance. Same way you wash and take care of your house is the same way you are supposed to take care of your car. If you don’t practice the right maintenance measures, you are likely not to see the early warning signs that your vehicle needs repair. Ensure that you take it for servicing regularly.

Keep It Clean

One of the ways you can attract car buyers is by ensuring that your vehicle is clean both in and out. Most individuals associate cleanliness with care. Ensure that you clean the interior as much as you clean the exterior. Place floor mats in your car as they are easy to wash and can prevent stains. Also, avoid smoking and carrying pets such as dogs in your vehicle.

Drive Safely

Don’t be a reckless driver. If there is an issue of damaged caused by collision, it can significantly affect your car’s resale value. And even though it might be impossible to avoid dents on your vehicle, try to keep them minimal. But should your vehicle be involved in an accident, use an experienced and reputable repair shop in Melbourne.

If you are looking forward to selling your car, these few tips will help you increase its market value. Remember, you must convince the car buyers that you have properly maintained the vehicle. So, ensure that nothing is pulling you down. But if you have a problem selling your vehicle, contact us at Sell Your Car Melbourne and let us do the hard work for you.

Factors That Determine The Value Of The Used Vehicle

If you are looking to buy or sell used cars, the most essential thing you must do is to determine its worth. Knowing the vehicle’s right value will help to accelerate the selling process. Let us run through the factors that will affect your vehicle’s value.


Due to the changing nature of the automobile industry, the popularity of car brands goes up and down. Yet, there are few brands like Benz, Audi, BMW, Ford and much more which will never fail to excite the car enthusiast. These brands will have more resale value.


There is a misconception that old cars will be valued less in the market. But the truth is that even old cars with proper maintenance will get more reception among vintage car collectors. If you have a well maintained classic car, then you could get the best value for it.


If your car is in good condition, you can be certain of making the best deal. Strictly adhering to the factory-scheduled maintenance service will increase the interest of more car buyers melbourne. The cleanliness and presentation of the car can maximise the value during the resale process.

Fuel type:

The fuel type of the car is another important factor that will have an impact on its resale value. The average mileage of the car is also judged by its fuel type. Vehicles with petrol engine tend to have more value than those with a diesel engine. So, it is very clear that fuel type affects the value of your vehicle.


Car colour is another attribute which influences the people looking for a used car. The color of the car can do unexpected favour during the resale process.

Why Choose Us?

If you need help with car valuation melbourne, you can rely on Sell Your Car Melbourne. Our car buyers will evaluate your vehicle’s condition, year, age, make and model, and compare them with current market value to determine how worth it is. If you are still wondering how to sell your car Melbourne, contact us today by calling 0419 049 277.

Why Selling Your Old Car For Cash Is A Smart Idea?

If you have a junk vehicle that’s been taking up a lot of space in your garage, you can sell your car for cash. Having junk vehicles lying around your property will not do anything well. So, you can turn towards junk car removal companies who will pay you instant cash and tow away your vehicle for free. Why should I Sell My Car Melbourne? Read below to find the answer to your question!

Instant Cash:

A professional car buying company not only helps you with disposing of your unwanted vehicle but also helps you out economically. Wrecking your unwanted vehicle is always handy as these professionals will pay you cash for cars instantly.

Free Up Space:

Once you determine to let your old car go, the space in your garage can be used to put your new car or as a play area, workshop and much more.

Avoid Stress & Expenses:

Maintaining an old or damaged vehicle is always expensive. If you believe that you are saving your money by driving the vehicle despite its serious problems, then you are wrong. The truth is that you are spending a lot on repairs and fuel, which might bring stress and additional expenses.

Environmental Upside:

Having a broken down car in your property will have great impacts on the eco-system. The leaking hoses and deteriorating batteries can bring serious hazards to your environment. However, the car buyers Melbourne have the expertise necessary to dispose of these parts in a responsible manner, ensuring that you are not contributing to any problem.

Encouraging Recycling / Reusing:

The first and foremost thing that scrap yards do is that they will recover all the parts of your vehicle and sell it to car owners and other people who are looking for used auto parts at low price tags. This helps to ensure that only a little amount of waste goes into the landfill.

If you live in Melbourne and would like to sell your used car, you can count on Sell Your Car Melbourne. We provide free car valuations, inspection, and towing services to all vehicle owners across Melbourne. Simply fill out our online application form or buzz us at 0419 049 277.

Car Dealer is the Better Option than Selling Privately

When buying a new car, you will have to sell your used car, and sometimes the experience can be challenging. While technological advancements have provided car owners with several ways to sell old cars, choosing to sell your car at a dealership offers you several benefits. They include:

Convenience: Sell Your Car and Get a New One Fast

One reason that should make you choose to trade-in your vehicle at a Melbourne dealership is the convenience that you enjoy. All you must do is drive the car to the dealership, negotiate the trade in value and drive away in a new car. If you’re prepared and have all the documentation that you may require for financing, the process will only take an hour or two.

Money Exchange: Make the Process Simple

If you choose to sell your car privately, you’ll have to haggle and negotiate the selling prices with several car buyers, and then collect the cheque or cash for your used car. That means you’ll need to be prepared to spend hours finding the best deal. The best solution should be to sell your car a dealer.

Time: Avoid the Stress and Hassle

Selling your car privately can take considerable amounts of time and effort. For instance, you need to prepare and clean it for sale. You’ll find the process challenging and time-consuming, and it’s the reason you should consider finding the best Car Buyers in Melbourne.

If you choose to do a trade-in with a dealer, you should do the following things to maximise its trade-in value. They include:

Use Online Resources to Determine the Old Car’s Value

Determine the car’s valuation by comparing it with models and makes made in the same year as yours by using resources such as Redbook and CarsGuide or CarSales.

Ensure the Old Car Looks Its Best

Clean your old vehicle to ensure its appealing to dealers. For the best outcome, you should consider investing in the best professional detail service.

Treat the Dealer with Respect

Having a polite approach during the negotiating process can enable you to find the best prices.

Be Realistic

It’s advisable that you be realistic regarding the value of the car you’re selling. Use online guides to enable you to know if you’re getting the right value.

Do You Want to Buy A New Vehicle Soon?

As the largest Melbourne automotive dealer, Sell Your Car offers you competitive prices for your old car. Moreover, we buy any car regardless of its age, model or condition. Contact us today to enable us to provide you with the best possible price for your vehicle.

5 Quick Ways to Groom your Car Prior to Selling

When you are selling your car, you need to make a good first impression with potential car buyers so that you can get the best price. Luckily there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your car looks it’s best when it goes up for sale.

Give the Car A Deep Clean

The inside and outside of the car will need to be thoroughly cleaned before potential buyers become to view it. This may seem like a very time-consuming job, but it can really add value to your car while evaluating the car valuation and it will be the last time you have to do it.

Check the Essentials Are Taken Care Of

There may be day to day maintenance of the car that has been overlooked such as checking that there is enough air in the tyres and that all the bulbs are working. Everything like this should be checked before the car goes up for sale and any action taken if needed.

Get Any Minor Repairs Sorted

If there is work that you know needs doing and it is nothing major, then you may want to consider getting this work done. There is a good chance that you will be able to increase the selling my car to price by more than you paid for the repairs if not too much work is needed.

Pay Attention to The Tyres

The appearance of the tyres can be improved very easily by applying tyre shine to the wheels. This is available at most auto retailers and is a very quick and easy job to carry out.

Remove Any Dents or Scratches

If there are any small dents or scratches on the car then these can usually be sorted out yourself for very little expense. They are worth taking care of because a potential buyer may try to knock you down on the price if there are visible scratches on the paintwork.

Indeed, selling your car with us is hassle-free. All you will have to do is reach out to us by calling 0419 049 277 or visiting our store, and we are confident that you will get the most reasonable price.

Tips from Expert to Help You Sell Your Car

Before selling your car, you need to conduct thorough research on car buyers, market value and the whole process. Any car seller desires to sell his or her vehicle at a great price and with minimal hindrances. This article has simple but amazing tips that will enable you to sell your car quickly and remain satisfied.

Maintain your car at good standard

The same way you would want to purchase a quality product, something attractive and in sound quality, your potential buyers would also want such. It is, therefore, your obligation to maintain your car at a good condition, ensure that its neat, tidy, clean and appealing to the buyer. This will give you a solid argument on selling your car at a higher price. Also, you can evaluate your car valuation from the nearest car garage. Before you advertise your car, you should always check the following.

  • Ensure your car is spotless. Repair any dents and do car painting.
  • Ensure that your car can start quickly, steer freely and to stop whenever the brakes are applied. A thorough check to ensure all electronic, mechanical and electrical parts are operatic is necessary.
  • Replace worn out tires and low battery.
  • You must have all documents required which are up to date, e.g. ownership proof, service records, and roadworthy certificate.

Make thorough preparations for the sale

  • Developments for sale include:
  • Determine the price by balancing between the condition of your car and the market price of the car model when new.
  • Identify the channel most suitable to sell your car, for example, online platform, approaching a dealer or even publishing on newspapers.
  • Be honest when presenting the car.

Finally, when conducting the sale, choose a safe place to meet interested customers, perform credentials verification, and always accompany them when doing the driving test. When you have agreed, let the buyer make the deposit and offer them with a receipt. For any tips from experts to help you sell your car Melbourne, call us at 0419 049 277.



5 Simple Tips to Get Best Cash When You Sell Your Car

Making the right choices for your car could pay off big time when you sell it later. But this is only possible if you handle it with care, as vehicles lose value each year. So, how do you maximize your car’s valuation so that when you sell it, you make the most out of it? Well, here are some great tips.

1. Regular Cleaning

The first impression counts, and you definitely don’t want to show up with a dirty-looking car. It is therefore wise that you regularly clean it to keep its paint shiny and new for as long as possible. Cleaning it thoroughly once a week or more often if you use it off-road can be ideal.

2. Regular Servicing

Every vehicle has a service schedule, although very few people follow it. But if you service yours as required, chances are car buyers will be willing to pay more for it.

3. Keeping Log Book Records

Did you know that maintaining service records completed can significantly boost your car’s value? Well, this is true. It is therefore important that you keep each, and every one of them recorded correctly for a better future bargain.

4. Avoiding Scratches and Dent Build-up

Why should you ignore minor dents when you can cheaply fix them? You should know that removing dents and scratches helps prevent rust and also boosts your car’s value.

5. Regularly Deodorizing the Fabric’s Interior

Cars accumulate strange odors from all sorts of substances. It is therefore recommended that you deodorize its interior and change air filters regularly to lessen the scent’s intensity.

Indeed, selling your car with us is hassle-free. All you will have to do is reach out to us by calling 0419 049 277 or visiting our store, and we are confident that you will get the most reasonable price.

Now’s the time to trade-In your Used Cars

There is no better time to trade-in your used car than now. Why? Because Melbourne’s premier auto shop for used cars, Sell Your Car Melbourne has now made it seamless and easy to trade-in your used car.

I can simply sell my car. Why should I trade-in?

  • Trading-in saves you time since it removes the hassle of looking for car buyers and sellers.
  • You end up also saving money through trading-in.
  • Trading-in also allows you to have better deals and offers on cars.

There are countless other auto sellers. Why you should I use Sell Your Car Melbourne?

Here is why you should use Sell Your Car Melbourne when trading-in your used car.

  • You get a free valuation on your used-car using our online car valuation tool.
  • We’ll give you the best price for your used car in the market, plus a price-match guarantee.
  • We’ll pay you right there and then.
  • We value your time and so you should expect no heaps of paperwork.

What’s more, we at Sell Your Car Melbourne will take up any car regardless of the model or make.

Process of trading-in

And the process to trade-in your used car is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. First, you can use our free car valuation tool to establish how much your used car is worth. Made by our expert team of car valuers, the tool is exceptionally easy to use and all you’ll need to enter is the make and model of your used car.
  2. After you know how much your used car is worth, the next step is to get a free trade-in quote from us which informs us of your intention to trade-in your used car.
  3. Finally, you get a cash for used cars from Sell Your Car Melbourne.

That’s it. If this isn’t a convenient and fast service, then we don’t know what is. Call 0419 049 277 Now!

How to Get the Best Deal When You Sell Your Car?

So, the time has come for you to sell your used car and buy a new one. You may be wondering; how do I sell my car and earn more money from the sale. Is it achievable? Yes, you can sell your car and earn more.

Remember, you have a long history with the car and choosing the easiest way to sell means less money for you.

Want to get the best deal and more money after selling your used car?

The following are ways to get more cash for used cars.

Clean and service your car on a regular basis

A car is a man-made machine and as such, it has numerous moving parts. These moving parts undergo wear & tear. To ensure the car continues to provide you with excellent service and even get the best deal when selling, it is important to have the car serviced in accordance with the schedule.

Cleaning is also important as it helps to remove the accumulated dust and dirt from the interior and exterior of the car while selling your car. As a result, the car will maintain its new look allowing you to earn more money after selling.

 Don’t forget to have the log book updated after each service and always keep your car cigarette smoke free.

Repair all scratches and dents immediately

As you drive your car around town, you are bound to brush another car or road barrier. In such a case, dents or scratches will be a common thing. If you allow the dents and scratches to accumulate, there will be a dent or scratch on every panel. This will lower the car valuation, meaning, you will earn less after selling.

To get the best deal, repair the dents and scratches immediately they occur. By doing so, you will keep your car in pristine condition and prevent rust.

Learn how to negotiate

Having killer negotiation skills can ensure you get to walk away with the best deal. Remember, when negotiating, the car buyers will also be employing his or her negotiation skills with the goal of hoping that you will lower the price. To ensure a win-win situation for you, learn more about the buyer, learn persuasion skills, listen more and talk less.

Call Sell Your Car on 03 9587 4127 to get the best deal out of your used car.

Why Selling Your Car for Cash is the Smart Thing to Do?

If you are looking to get cash for used cars in Melbourne, you are in luck. You can sell your car for cash in Melbourne and get the money you need.

You may be thinking to yourself, why do I want to sell my car? There are several reasons why selling your car to a dealer may be a good thing. You can sell your car for cash to a reputable dealer such as Sell Your Car Melbourne. You will get a quick car valuation and they will tell you how much cash your car is worth.

To sell & get a cash for used car is easier with car buyers than selling the car privately. You will not have to list the car, deal with potential customers, and will not have to worry about making a deal or making sure you get the payment. The car dealership will give you a car valuation and you will then get your money when you accept the deal.

The car valuation is a simple and easy process. You can even do this over the internet. You will follow the steps and provide information about your car. An offer will be made, and you can consider this offer. You will then set up a tie to have your car inspected. You can schedule an appointment and get the offer the same day. That is simple and easy. Sell Your Car Melbourne is willing to take in car of any make & model and it does not matter how old the car is.

When you are looking to sell your car for cash the process does not have to be complicated. Our professional staffs will look at your car with the simple valuation process. If you like the offer you can sell your car for cash right away. The process is simple and easy to sell your car.

If your car is not in drivable condition, it is definitely worth selling your car for cash. Still unsure of your decision? Give us a call at 03 9587 4127. Let’s advise you on the best decision.

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