Now’s the time to trade-In your Used Cars

Now’s the time to trade-In your Used Cars

There is no better time to trade-in your used car than now. Why? Because Melbourne’s premier auto shop for used cars, Sell Your Car Melbourne has now made it seamless and easy to trade-in your used car.

I can simply sell my car. Why should I trade-in?

  • Trading-in saves you time since it removes the hassle of looking for car buyers and sellers.
  • You end up also saving money through trading-in.
  • Trading-in also allows you to have better deals and offers on cars.

There are countless other auto sellers. Why you should I use Sell Your Car Melbourne?

Here is why you should use Sell Your Car Melbourne when trading-in your used car.

  • You get a free valuation on your used-car using our online car valuation tool.
  • We’ll give you the best price for your used car in the market, plus a price-match guarantee.
  • We’ll pay you right there and then.
  • We value your time and so you should expect no heaps of paperwork.

What’s more, we at Sell Your Car Melbourne will take up any car regardless of the model or make.

Process of trading-in

And the process to trade-in your used car is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. First, you can use our free car valuation tool to establish how much your used car is worth. Made by our expert team of car valuers, the tool is exceptionally easy to use and all you’ll need to enter is the make and model of your used car.
  2. After you know how much your used car is worth, the next step is to get a free trade-in quote from us which informs us of your intention to trade-in your used car.
  3. Finally, you get a cash for used cars from Sell Your Car Melbourne.

That’s it. If this isn’t a convenient and fast service, then we don’t know what is. Call 0419 049 277 Now!

Is a Roadworthy Mandatory When Selling My Car?

You might be wondering if it’s possible to sell your car without a roadworthy. The answer to your question completely depends on the state in which you are based. Most private car buyers find a valid roadworthy certificate to be a major consideration when making a purchase, which affords them legal rights to use the car before the license disc expires. Although different states have different views on car safety, Sell Your Car will purchase your used vehicle without requiring roadworthy authorizations.

Legality in States

Selling my car in Melbourne Australia will require you to provide a roadworthy certificate only when the vehicle has been used for more than six years. Once ownership has been changed, the new owner is supposed to prove the safety of the car after one month. Giving up your vehicle to car buyers in Victoria is quite simple with a few steps to follow; you will only need to provide a certificate of road-worthiness. However, the certificate is not required when transferring ownership to a licensed car dealer or a spouse.


It is very important to adhere to all the legal requirements based on your state of residence. Note that many countries have lemon aid laws for protecting car buyers from worthless vehicles. It is, therefore, important to make the right car valuations before selling your automobile. If you are not conversant with these requirements, do research on the internet regarding the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

If you’re looking to get some quick cash for used cars in Melbourne, you’ll be happy to know that there is a legitimate dealer ready to purchase your vehicle with or without a roadworthy within 24 hours. This eliminates the hassle of running up and down looking for a buyer especially when your car requires some work to sell at a worthy price. Before marketing your vehicle, get a car valuation to determine its market value to avoid robbing yourself by setting a price that’s too low. Conversely, you might set a price that is too high, which would scare off buyers.

Would you like to put up your car for sale? Have any questions about the selling process? Give us a call now at 03 9587 4127 and let’s explain you the process!

What Are The Different Ways I Can Sell My Car?

Trying to sell your car in Melbourne nowadays comes with a lot of options, even if it’s not in a functional mode. Some of these options might be best for well-functioning cars, while others could be for either the functioning or faulty vehicles such as wrecked ones. No matter what option is available, you can be sure to find one suitable for you, from the list of options discussed below:

1. Auction it

This might be one of the newest methods to sell your car, and the best thing is that it earns you a lot of exposure to potential buyers. There’ll be several car buyers offering cash for used cars or browsing through the websites to view upcoming sales, as well as the vast amount of people who will present themselves at the actual location. That means your car might sell quite fast, and maybe at a higher price, especially if the bidding situation is quite competitive. Before the commencement of the auction, you might have to set the reserve price, so that your car can’t be sold for lesser that amount. Keep in mind, though, that negotiating a sale after the auction is impossible, if your car wasn’t sold by the time the hammer came down, so you’ve got to be careful with how you set your reserve price. Such an option could be used for functioning and non-functioning cars since the various buyers have varying needs.

2. Trade it in

Suitable for functional cards, the trade in option comes in handy when one needs to buy a new car and doesn’t want to go through unnecessary hustle when selling their car. Just visit a dealership, get an appraisal for your car’s valuation, and use that as a down payment for your new car from them. Easy, right? Of course you ought to expect not to get too much value when using this option, since your car will most likely be bought at a price close to that of the wholesale value. It’s not a bad option, though, if you need to change your set of wheels rather quickly.

3. Sell it privately

This option may be suitable for both the perfectly functioning and non-functioning vehicles, though it needs one to be patient enough. You’ll have to determine your car valuation, then advertise in an appealing manner, and meet several potential buyers before settling on one who meets your expectations. Selling your car using this option might consume a lot of time as well as some extra cash on the side, but once you finally sell it, you’ll reap greater benefits by selling it at a higher price than any other option. This is the option that gives you the chance to sell your car at a retail price unlike the wholesale price for the trade in option.

4. Sell it to auto traders

Auto traders can be another great option for the perfectly functioning car owners who don’t wish to go through an unnecessary struggle when selling their car. Auto traders will offer great options such as Instant Cash Offer, such that one can sell their car at a local dealer after they have received an online appraisal of the value. At the dealer, they’ll carry out one more physical assessment, and if you accept their offer, they buy the car instantly. Some of these car buying companies offers good cash for used cars & even offer to come and pick the car at your place, and if you both reach an agreement, they buy the vehicle and tow it away the same day. They will issue a check instantly, and some of them will even travel with you to your back, so you’re sure that your check will clear. Definitely one of the best alternatives when one need to sell your car quite fast while enjoying your comfort and the convenience of the process.

Final thoughts

By now you ought to have discovered that the options listed above have different pros as well as cons. Besides, you have also learned that some of them might not be appropriate for non-functional cars while others are. All you need to do while selling your car, therefore, is evaluate the four options and pick the one that suits you best. Be sure to take your time if you decide to trade in your car, sell your car to auto traders, or auction it, and use such time to research and find the best service. This way, you’ll be guaranteed better sale values as well as quality services from the companies you transact business with.

Want to sell your vehicle fast? Simply give us a call at 0419 049 277. Let us take you through the selling process!

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